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The Founder Members of Levi - Dal Pozzo & Associates Law Firm are Michele Levi and Francesco Rossi Dal Pozzo.

Avv. Michele Levi   Prof. Avv. Francesco Rossi Dal Pozzo
Graduated in Law at the University of Milan in 1998, worked for some Milan Law firms being mainly involved in international corporate matters, but also dealing with other areas of law and with litigation activities. Also worked in London for the Law Firm Amhurst Brown Colombotti, where he could develop his knowledge and expertise in the corporate/company commercial area assisting partners in mergers, acquisitions and also in typically Anglo-Saxon institutes such as Trusts. He also carried out his activity in Italy, and precisely in Milan for the Studio Legale Avvocato Serra, dealing mainly with litigations and for the Law Firm Puopulo Sistilli Geffers & Luise where he worked in the international company law department. 
He is currently the Partner assigned to the company commercial, corporate international and real estate matters.

  Graduated in Law in 1996 at the University of Milan, with thesis regarding the Antitrust European Competition. After the University obtained the title of "Specialist of European Community Law and Economics" at the University of Milan. After gaining a PhD title in the European Union law he became researcher of the European Union law at the University of Milan. 
Currently he is associate professor of the European Union law at the above University where he teaches “European Union law advanced (competition law)”, “Internal market of the European Union (people, goods, services and money)” and “European transport law”.
He is professor of the European Union law at the School for law professions at the Università degli Studi of Milan. He is author of several articles regarding the European Union law. 
As far as his professional activity is concerned, after a practice period in Milan at the administrative Law firm Minieri, he worked from 1996 - 2000 in London for the international Law firm Simmons & Simmons dealing with EC Law and Project financing matters. From 2000 to 2001 he carried out his activity for the Italian office of the Law Firm Simmons & Simmons in the company/commercial Law department. 
Currently he is the partner assigned to European Union, completion and transport law matters. 
He is lawyer before the Court of Justice and General Court of the European Union.

Milan - Miami - London

e-mail: info@levidalpozzo.it